Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tuesday Listing

SOLD!!!! Well I had 5 albums listed the past week and i was thinking I would have a little leeway on some albums to run over into this week...BUT what a Blessing! They all sold!! whooo hooo! SO I holed up in my craft room today, made the family eat leftovers and forgot about the ironing...and made this album to list on tuesday!
This is a Friends album, with lots of places for pictures! I love the color combo with a varity of different brands of paper . I also relisted my album/tin combo. It is a Birthday/Anniversary album with a card tin. Lovely color combination of teal and dark brown. Really pretty in real life. Pictures dont do it justice. Has an old antique hinge for the hinge of the album. So unique. Here is the link to the ebay listing, got check it out and see more pics!

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