Sunday, August 25, 2013

You Are Amazing.....mixed media piece

Got crafty this weekend and worked on a 18x18 size piece. i started out with a quote, "You are amazing, remember that.".... and went from there. she turned out looking a bit like my daughter, Bailee Rose , as i was thinking about her as i was working on it. I want her to always remember that she is amazing, no matter what or how people may treat or react to her.  We live in a smaller town, we moved here a few years back (5) and since Bailee is home schooled she doesnt have that many kids that she  hangs out with. She does do gymnastics and has made friends through that  and has a few nice girls she does things with  from time to time.  She got her first taste of hurt this past year with some rejection and unkind treatment and it was hard to watch and see her go through it. Hard to explain it to a 10 year old when you dont even understand it as an adult! But she has made it through, and I just want her to know that she is amazing, no matter what others may think. All in all the quote is a good one to hear no matter who you are , always remember it, keep telling yourself it every day!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

This is Happiness Mini Scrapbook Album

 My new album that I have created for my etsy shop. This is Happiness is the theme. Vintagey shabby chic feel to it. Fun quirky album with different size paper bags to give it some whimsy. 
Machine sewing through out...lots of ribbon , rolled and punched flowers. 
This is a fat album!
 I have labeled pages with numbers for pictures for the fun of it..cute vellum pocket with a paper tag from eco africa paper line from my stash.  Picture placement one on first page.
 back side of the small page is a sticker page with "memories are lifes most precious treasures"..rhinestones for accents and gelly roll clear star accents through out the album. Picture placement #2 on opposite page and #3 on a pull out tag!
 fun ledger type paper  with picture placement #4 that slips behind both tabs.' Remember' on the top sticker. Another pull out tag behind. And on opposite page "little moments big memoires" tag machine sewn in with some flowers and rhinestones for accents. great place to journal. Picture placement #5 on the pull out tag.
 Picture placement #6 on this page slip behind the tab. a tag page with a journaling placement with a pretty butterfly accent.
 Other side of the tag has a canvas tag sewn in, accented with jelly roll  for some sparkle. Picture placement on opposite page with "happy" sticker.  pretty lace for accent as well.
 picture placement #8 with family time sticker on the first page, journaling can be done behind.  pocket page comes next with a pull out tag for more journaling pretty rhinestones and felted rolled flower for accents. Pull out page between the next pages.
 corner pockets to hold the #9 picture placemetn, pull out tage in little pocket page for journaling. Tag has 'cherish" stamped onto it.  
 other side of small pocket page is an angled tag with a place to put in a date and some pretty punched flowers and rhinestone centers.  #10 picture placement tuck in behind checker board tag with flower embellishment. 
 more corn tags to place your pictures behind for picture placement #11. #12 you stick picture behind the twill ribbon with flower accents treasure stamped on the page and a journaling card can be pulled out from behind. 

mice journaling page with a place for picture #13 tuck behind this pretty lace. #14 placed on last page with "a smile is a crooked line that makes everything go straight' sticker and pretty rolled lace flowers and lace accents. 
lots of room in this album for pictures and journaling! If you are interested in this album let me know, ill be posting it to my Etsy shop soon! You can find it HERE Thanks for stopping by! Maybe  more mixed media art up next or i have some new paper coming in on saturday and im anxious to use another project might be in the works!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A Journal Page and a New Art Piece!

 Had some fun the last few days, playin in some paint! I decided to give a go at another art piece for fun, smaller in size..So came up with his angel. I love this saying "being different is one of the most beautiful things on earth. Embrace your "you"ness.  Found it on pinterest. Alot of times i will find a quote and that will be what leads me to the next art piece i do.  Lots of bright colors , this time i put a face on her and it goes along with the other angel piece i did. Which im totally in love with and cant wait to frame and hang it some where. Ill refresh your memories of it and repost it under this new piece.  

I also needed to use up my leftover paint, so as not to waste it..i am frugal and dont like to waste! I took a journal page and went to town. I just used my finger and painted the colorful circles..then painted red around the circles to make them pop. I had watched a video on pinterest by Dyan Reaveley on using white pen to journal and how you just go with it, not really having to think so much on what you journal, it doesnt have to be mind blowingly awesome or can just be for fun!So i just wrote about that! lol And it just makes for a cool texture/background with the words on the page. Working on another page along the same lines as this cuz its just so much fun to be loose and free. 
Well off i go to fix some supper, clean some house and then meet back here in the craft room to start on a new project or two! I had a few sales of my albums and im needing to get a few more of those made and put back into my etsy store. Check out my other items for sale over there! Thinking about starting to sell  a few art pieces in the near future, so keep an eye out! Thanks for stopping by!