Friday, June 17, 2016

Huge Order Finished

  This is the huge project I did for a return customer. She is going to give it to her daughter I think for graduation. This is a Three album deal! I think all said and done we will have 60 pictures/layouts. I will have  six or more to do when she gets the final pictures back this summer.The pictures are not totally in order here on the blog but they are in the albums.
 The albums themselves are done in a bohemian theme. The layouts are all done according to each dance theme. That was fun job picking out all of the papers!Before I started the album, I did feel overwhelmed. But as I got into it it became fun. Behind each picture is a pocket built in, to put in the programs.

Oliver Victor Ray first year album

 I made this 8x8 paper bag album for my son Luke of his little boy Oliver who turned one on June 14!
 I still have to get the birthday pictures in the back. I'm so happy that in just a few days my family will be moving back to Nebraska and I will get to see move of Oliver, and his older cousin Dominic. 

 Its fun to chronicle their life through the year!