Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Process and Purpose

 I started with an image that I found on pinterest, of a model with long lovely hair. I used her as reference and sketched her out on my my journal page I painted with gesso first.
 Next I added a bit of texture and dimention with old hymn pages and dictionary pages and napkins.
 Next I added in some shading for depth and some skin tones.I also always like to get the eyes done as soon as I can, I find it helps me make the girls who they are to be. 😊
 The background is how I do most of my backgrounds, a technique I use to make them my own. I use a credit card to apply the paint.Several layers till it where I'm happy with it. I added in some gold to her hair .
When I stared this piece I randomly ripped out pages in the old dictionary and hymnal.  The word that stuck out to me the most on the dictionary page was imagine. One of my favorite songs is by Evanescence, My  Imaginary. If you know my story, I was a victim of childhood abuse, 13 years worth..anyways this song speaks to me in my interpretation of it as I had to go with in myself to become someone else to get through the abuse. I know that that is not her meaning.. but that is ok . Anyways I printed out the song and glued it into the background, surprisingly the words from the hymnal were peeking through the song saying "the storm my roar,my hope I cannot measure" How interesting is that? My hope is in God, my strength is from God my talent is from Him as well. I hope that I can inspire someone, can bring hope to someone through my blog and through my work.