Thursday, October 29, 2015

Special order painting....

I have finished the special order painting! I posted a picture a little while back , Hope is the thing with feathers...and had good response with it and sold it right away. 
A return client from here in town asked if I would paint another with that same quote but with a blue bird for her daughter. 
So I got busy and got this one done. Today she picked it up and she was totally pleased. turns out it is her daughters favorite color that I used! Weird how things work out!
Now im back to work on a special order album, I have a few more to make after that one as well, so will be posting pictures from that! I had to wait for a new sewing machine since mine decided to die , I have had it for over 10 years and I have sewn hundreds of projects on it. So I guess it was just done! The new one is really nice! 100 stitches, a Project Runway limited edition Brother sewing machine.  I love it. It runs so smoothly and quieter then my last one! ( also a brother)
Thanks for stopping by, I'll be back with some albums to show you in the days and weeks ahead. 

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Art Caddy

So Im trying to pair down my supplies, so that I can fit them into a cabinat that I have and a dresser along with a desk. We are wanting to sell our house and Im trying to think small, knowing that what ever we get next , I may not have my own room. I have alot of markers and pens and pencils that I always have to dig for and I got the idea that I would make a caddy that would fit on my desk and i would be able to use them and they would be handy for me to get too. So I began my search on line to see what I could see. What I found was way out of my price range. I decided I would just make my own. Shane had brought this old wooden wall hanging magazine rack from the recycle center. Thinking that my scrapbook papers would fit into the slots. But they were not big enough and I really dont have room to hang anything either. So it sat on our porch for a while and when we had family come and it was rainy and our gutter get so full, Shane decided that the magazine rack would make a good bridge! lol It did for a time..until it started to break. So We put it in the garage to put it out for the clean up times our town has in the spring and fall. So knowing I didnt have much wood in the garage, I thought maybe I could use that magazine rack and recycle it into  my caddy.  So thats what I did.  I carefully took off the slats that were the section/shelves and I drew out my ends, the sides and the sections in between.( No pattern, just my vision in my head.)  The bottom is the back of the rack and the handle was the edge of the rack. It was a rusty red color, the rack..and scuffed up but I liked the rusticness of it. And was fine to leave it that way. But after looking at it for a while and thinking the color was an odd color and wouldnt really go with anything I had..So I decided (with an idea from a friend) to paint it like my paintings backgrounds like I do. So that it would be more my style. So I did. Luckily my son Luke had wanted to paint a wall in his room years back white so that he could paint a big tree on his wall...he never got it done so I used the white paint to paint my caddy. At first I was thinking on my word, what have I done...its so white...its no longer rustic...I may hate it.  I tried to calm myself and decided to wait till I added the splotches of paint.  By the way....I hate painting compartments in anything...moving on. I added my color and still wasnt totally sold on my caddy...but really no turning back. I let it dry all night and the next day I thought it needs a my paintings I always include a quote of some sort, words what have you. So my caddy should have a word. I chose Inspired.  I love it. I like that i can just reach for my supplies right there on my desk and the brightness of it cheers me up and inspires me! And best of was pretty much in my price limit....FREE. 

Hope is the thing with feathers.....

I started this painting a while ago and I just couldnt get the energy or motivation to get it done. I decided last night that today I would get back working on it and another painting I have to finish. So tonight I decided I was going to turn off my computer and work on it. I think I can call her done.  Hope seems to be my word for the year. I like the quote , Hope is the thing with feathers..It went with my idea to add a bird to the picture. I am not good with birds really. I have been making myself painting them though, to pus myself a bit. This bird may not be realistic  or an actual but its my bird!
This year has been very trying and I have found myself constantly talking to God. I find my hope in God always. So I find myself using the word "hope"in alot of my art, mixed media, journaling what have you. You just have to have 'hope'. Or whats the use right? 
This painting is done with acrylics, ink sprays, papers, washi tapes, pitt pens.  It is 12x16 in size.
Ill probably post it in my etys shop...and see if it sells. Lately I feel like I pay Etsy to have my art "viewed" not sold.  But there is always Hope.........