Sunday, July 19, 2015

Another entry in my "face journal"

Its been awhile since I added a face to my face journal. I saw a drawing of a girl on a ladies blog and I wanted to try my hand at her style. This is what I came up with and its not near as nice as hers!  Anyways thats not the purpose of my face journal..its really a journal I tend to go to when I'm feeling down, or having some emotion and I like to start to draw...sometimes I feel like I do my best drawing when Im an emotional mess. I have lived in the community that we live in now for aprox. 8 years. During that time I have tried to put myself out there and make friends..but to no avail. And I just hit bottom the other day and I have decided that I am done. So out came my journal to start drawing, and I may not be done. This is a big hurt and It may take me a few drawings to get over. When you see the quote about how ART heals your soul that is so true. I will have to say though that first God heals my soul and Art helps me deal. Seeing my post (I had posted on facebook a song that is called,  "a beautiful letdown" by switch foot..and that I was done) my long time friend whom I have not seen in a long time as we both have moved far apart, posted to me in a message the quote I used in this drawing.  I thought it was fitting and It touched my heart.  I will keep going...but it will be just for my family. I am done trying in this town and I will just accept it and pray that God will lead us on. Im ready. 
Thanks for stopping by maybe my next face and quote will be more inspirational and uplifting! 

Friday, July 10, 2015

Special Order "Frozen" Album/Tin

 Every year for the past 6 years actually I have had the privilege of making a birthday album for little miss Ava.  This years theme was "Frozen". Last fall when it was Ava's birthday we looked and looked for Frozen theme papers and could not find any, it was constantly sold out! Finally this year I found a big pack of papers in the frozen theme and we went with it! You can't really tell but the figures on the front are "fussy cut" and layered in 3 layers.  Lots of glitter snowflakes added, and letters/number.  I used a gelli roll stardust pen to add sparkle to Olaf and to Elsa's dress. 
 So I have been doing the albums with the pictures in hand. That way I can lay out the pages with a progression of the day . I machine stitch all of the pages, makes things more unique and durable. With this album you have to have lots of glitter!  (if you dont know..glitter is my enemy...I am a bit OCD..and glitter everywhere is sooooo flustrating to me! lol)I used Martha Stewarts ultra fine glitter. 
 I found some cute downloadable printables on etsy, in the Frozen theme.  I added some more gelli roll stardust pen to the snow and olaf on it to dress it up.  Its a flap so when you open it up as you see below it has the frozen song attached to the backside. 

 More fun printables of Olaf.  they are also flaps and when you lift them up , there are the fun pictures of Ava and her parents. 

 Large pull out tag with another picture of Ava, and lots of room for journaling about the day through out the album. 

 This was paper from the paper pack and I just cut around the image, and stuck paper behind it to strengthen it.  Added 2 large tags, with pictures of the decorations and cake. Thought it was fun to make it seem like Christof is singing Happy Birthday to Ava, so that is what I printed out for the opposite page.  Notice the pretty snowflake ribbon I used through out the album, I got it off of etsy as well. 
 I had some really pretty snowflake chipboard stickers so they were used in the album in certain places.  
 Another flap with Olaf on his trusty "steed" lol With a picture of more of her decorations from the day, with a picture of Anna, her favorite charactor on the other page . Under the page is a picture as well. 

 I thought I would do a bonus item for Lynn and Ava since we splurged on the paper, (we had ordered papers to work since we couldnt find actual frozen papers, then since it was an added expense I wanted to make her something special and give her her moneys worth) I found the tin at the thrift store, love round tins with handles.  added the papers from the pack, modpodged it on. painted the edges. I will say too that before I do a tin, I always sand it all over. It seems to help the modpodge and paper stick way better. I also sand the fronts of my comp. books too before I modpodge and add papers. 
 So I added the snowflake ribbon all around, some pretty chipboard snowflakes, the printed images and some pretty ribbon to the handle. Its soft and fuzzy and just seemed to go with the theme. And the big snowflake ribbon bow. That coordinates with the album as I used it in that as well. 
 inside of the tin was covered too (and the bottom) and I thought it was fun to add Olof to the lid saying HI AVA!
I had mailed the album and tin separate as I didnt have a box that would fit them both.  So off they went to Ava. The album showed up just fine and on time, but no box with the day it shows up, like this! crushed! Ava and Lynn were heart broken, as was so mad! what the heck, they had to of ran over it! So Ill be back to square one on the tin...will keep my eye out for one at the thrift. I have filed a claim with the post office , will see what happens. Disheartening.  Never have I had this happen before. (apparently writing FRAGILE on the package, means run me over in postoffice jargin! ) lol I guess I will have to just "let it go" haha...sorry had to put that in there. 
Sorry its been awhile since I have posted. Hope to get my mojo back and start posting more things! Thanks for stopping by!