Thursday, November 6, 2008


I finished the Snow Day album!!! I will be listing this album on Sunday. I thought that this paper was fun and a different color combo, so went for it. I think this album will be fun to fill up with this winters snow pictures . Fun with family and friends! Dog pictures, you name it...any one enjoying the snow! I have been busy busy busy in my craft room . I hope to have another album ready to list come Sunday. I think its about time or another recipe album.....will see what i come up with!
It was nasty windy here today and was a good day to stay inside and keep warm. Had to have someone come over and light our wall heater upstairs where the kids sleep, was told it would be $36 for the first inital fee, and then for every hour the same plus I was prepared to sell of what ever i could to pay for it! ha They come over take of the front panel and blew on the pilot light area...dust flew.....then they tried to light it again....and of light! Nice! I could of done that! OH well...they only charged me $18 bucks to do it since it took them 10 mins! I told the hubby it should of cost me less then that since i had to come up with a phillips screwdriver for them to use! Go figure!

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