Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Nine Lives

Had a little fun with this new art piece. I  was inspired by the art of (michelle) Allen Designs and by the art and colors of Mindy Lacefield. Michelle's kookie charactors cats, owls, etc inspired me to make my own cat.  Mindy's colors and her techniques helped me out with the colors and background.  I LOVE this cat...so much fun..! If you will notice the theme is 9 lives..., there are 9 nine's (eyelid says nine) , the cats whiskers say meow if you'll notice...and i wrote " stayin alive" in his one eye. Love the colors love the kookiness about it...just was so much fun. 

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Lifebook 2013 Week 30

Here is my version of week 30 in the Lifebook 2013 class. we had to do a back ground of papers or paint etc...and then use ink or as i did used watered down paint..to create lines and on those lines you write all your worries. You just free write not worrying about what your saying, about puntuation etc...just let it flow. Then you take your image , i chose these dress forms and place over the background. Then paint over the top of them with a darker color to hide your writings, leaving some to come through on the dress forms.  Then you take a baby wipe...or just a damp cloth and using a stencil  rub off some of those shapes in the stencil. i then took another stencil i had and using white added it over that here and there. Using a white pen go around the forms in a sketchy kind of manner...(i am ocd so its hard to do it "sketchy" lol) and i drew in some dresses...i was thinking to leave it as dress forms but the exercise was to make a dress with the worries on it....I could of filled in the whole back ground with all my worries....!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Colorful Bird Painting

I started this canvas (six watercolor papers put stuck together) a while back the back gound that is....and i was waiting for something to speak to me in it....and nothing did...so i put it away for a while and waited till i could find something to inspire me. I follow Allen Designs page on facebook and I totally love her art work! She did a piece of art with this same type bird and I thought, that is it...i want to try that bird in that back ground, it is no where as good as her bird (im not that good with birds...) but its same idea, I added the crown to make it more my own and add a little more whimsy. This piece is about 24x27 in size so its big! I need to find a frame for it...want to hang it up somewhere in my house! Cant wait to do another canvas now...!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Praying Angel Art Jounal Page

Did this Angel for ...my new Art Journal page. I did up the back ground with more tourqoise and pink and white and green, then decided i didnt like how bright it was and continued to add some other colors starting with black!...just worked it till i was happy with it.  All done with acrylic paint...and a journaling pen.  Was a fun way to spend a saturday evening...not much on tv anyways! 

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

File Folder Recipe Album

I made this File Folder Recipe Album  6.5 x 4.5 in size, fun little project. Starting with a file folder, open it up , fold it in half the opposite way across the other fold.. fold it up to about an inch or so from the top.  measure and cover with papers of your choosing, mine are basic grey. cover all pages that show , use modpodge to stick papers on. 
I added this cute fabric flower i have had in my stash for a while and a tag along with stickers to the front.  I punched holes in the back and front panels as you will see to run the ribbon through to tie it all shut. 
 adding some matching flowers and buttons and sticker tags and words, machine stitching the pockets together to hold them closed. I added tabs to separate recipes. There are a total of 16 recipe cards. 3 in each one of these pockets, 2 in each of the back pockets for extra recipes. I will be posting this album in my Etsy store! HERE

Monday, July 8, 2013

Lifebook 2013 Lesson 27

I have been picking and choosing my lessons in life book. Some for  their lessons , maybe not something that clicks with me or that goes against what I believe.  And some because i really dont have all the supplies in order to do the lesson to my liking. 
This lesson was interesting, picking 5 aspects that you are happy with , in yourself, 5 your not...and then 5 hopes and dreams. Then taking a look at the ones you dont like in yourself, but not using them to beat yourself up with, but to take them apart and find the feelings behind them...it was really good to do that. 
The waves are the good and the bad aspects and the sails have my hopes and dreams. I did mine to suit me, and i like how it turned out. The waves are not my favorite, but its not suppose to be realistic...more whimisical..so I accept that! lol
Glad to be in my craft room when its 103 outside...thanking God that we have air conditioning...! Keep cool! 

Monday, July 1, 2013

Memories Tin Listed now in my Etsy Store!

 Here is the finished Memories tin, with journal/scrapbook and 2 handmade custom folders for the tin to add pictures and memorabilia .
 Brown, black and cream colored tin aged with ink for a vintage feel. Handmade flowers out of ribbon, lace pearl swags and a large metal key for accents. Tin has lots of room for added keepsakes!

Some Art Journal Doodles......

 Just doing some art journal doodling...finding it fun and relaxing and a great way to put down on papers some good quotes that I have found on pinterest or other places. Great way to add your thoughts and feelings down...and I get to try my hand and drawing a few things i have never drawn before , like a giraffe and a zebra! I love my giraffe! He was fun. 

Think ill keep on doodling for a while....its so much fun!