Tuesday, July 18, 2017

catching up sharing art journal pages...

 I love this sketch I did, mostly with charcoal pencil, added a little gesso to her face and I made a point of using a bright green for her eyes. I just wanted to create a piece that was quick and not fuss about with it. so this didnt take me long to do . As always i have to add a quote, this one says, "she sees more than others , in the clouds in the faces ,in the words, in the places, even in me; more than anything else she has vision.  I love that.
 this one is all acrylics and some modeling paste . I added roses to the hair and then I took and added modeling paste to the flowers to make them dementional. I like my art to have a "feel". I like to go back and look at my journals whether it be my art journal or my daily documented journal and "feel" the pages! My art journal girls and quotes go along with how I am feeling. I struggle with depression, I have all my life. So the quotes get out what I am thinking and feeling at that moment.
This girl is a bit of a mess but hey , you cant win em all. I have decided that i need a different table, one that is slanted, like a drafting table, especially then doing these 2 page layouts. from where i sit and draw  picture looks good...but when I go and pick up the book and look i have drawn it at a different perspective and it looks funny. she is one of those. I used molding paste on this one too and it didnt turn out lie i wanted and its a bit of a mess.  but maybe I am a mess, or was a mess this day. Notice no quote! lol I will try and be more on it from now on with blogging . I am finding it hard to get things done, since we dont have our own place at the moment and most of my art supplies are still boxed up.