Friday, January 22, 2016

Trying something new...

Started a course online with Danielle Donaldson, creative girl, land of light and shadows it is an online course, . I signed up for through Jeanne Oliver's blog. So far pretty fun. She uses alot of watercolor, which I have not used much of, so I'm learning something new. The first picture is of a exercise that we did the anatomy of... was fun with bottom layer of acrylics then white over in the second layer. then you go over the wing with water color to each section. Then you pick words to describe you or the theme you are going with. Fun exercise. I have it attached in my documented life journal for this year.
This was  the first exercise houses on stilts. This was a fun one, being able to be creative with your houses, will be fun to keep going with this and make numerous layouts and being really imaginative.This one we started out with a water colored base , the white is acrylic. Ill post what ever else I do.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

From my Art Journal

 watched an artist do a 'sketchie' type drawing, and how she does it (free video) so gave it a go for my self. this is what i came up with. Was kinda fun. 
 This was an attempt at a Mindy Lacefield girl. i like how she turned out.  Like the quote that I added to it as well. 

 This is a two page spread like the one below that are in my art journal, both with quotes that I love. I'm going to try and keep up with my art journaling and fill this journal. I was inspired by Jane Davenport, she posted on facebook a flip through of her art journals..and they are fantastic, though mine will now be like her's they will be full of things that i can look back on and maybe find beautiful 

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Grandson Dominics First Year Album

I made this 8x8 paper bag album for my grandson Dominic for his first birthday. It was fun going through all the pictures of the year and then adding them to the album. Since my son and his wife and my grandson just moved away in November it was a hard one to make and I cried over each picture. 
Its a monster/alien themed album. Which goes good with him and his daddy.  Lots and lots of pictures and pull out albums too for more pictures, made one trifolded album for his frist birthday pictures and one for sandy to put pictures of her sisters and mom in with pics of them and dominic too.  I had to cut the bags apart and sew them as the album got really fat. lol  So had to make a spine for it and go that route.