Friday, April 23, 2010

Pure Innocence 8 card and tin set!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I took this tin and recycled it into a card set! I covered the tin with some basic grey papers and a few others i found, added some premade flowers and some prima rose buds, old lace, and a pure innocence image! In side there is a set of 8 envelopes and 8 hand made cards with 2 of the pure innocence images. The cards around 4x5 in size. With Get well, Better get better, Celebrate, and have a magical day as the sentiments on 2 of each of the cards you will have something for most occasions. The tin is around 7x10 in size.

Two Dog Cards!

Arent these dog cards so darn cute? I colored both with colored pencils and OMS, added a bit of sparkle with some stickles. I watered down some of my tacky glue and used a fine brush to brush on a little glue around the edge of one of the dogs and added a bit of fun flock.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

clip and cuts perpetual blog hop!!!

Here is how it works:
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This will make a thumbnail collection that will grow on everyones blog and we can meet each other! I’ll be moderating it so no worries. It will be updated on everyones blog when someone enters a new link.
LOVE IT! Please DO participate! You don’t have to link them back here. Just tell everyone to add their cardmaking/scrapbooking blog and make the collection as big as we can! Can we make it to 1000? If you have any issues let me know and I’ll be happy to help asap.
Here goes!
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131. Renee'
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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Vintage Brides Journal Chipboard Album

I made this chipboard album this past week. Its made with the graphic 45 papers, and i LOVE them. I added some sparkle with sequins, liquid pearl, pearls, buttons, prima flowers! Lots of places for journaling and places for pictures of the dress, ring, all things wedding! I had so much fun creating it. The only think i dont like about chipboard albums is when you add details such as buttons, flowers etc...well they get FAT! But who's to say fat is bad! LOL. The lace on the binding i bought at a local thrift store and i do believe it is really antique lace, it is non like i have ever seen ! I will be listing this to Etsy soon!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Perpetual Calendar

I was inspired by Becca over at Amazing Paper Grace, she made a cute perpetual Calendar and i decided i had to give it a try. I made it for a friend as a thank you for all she does for me! I am going to make myself one as well as they are so darn handy! I even had to cut and glue the wood pieces together to make the blocks to fit in the box , and i still have all my fingers!

I made Melinda's with an outdoorsy theme. She loves the outdoors and nature. So i used this cute cosmo cricket paper, and i took little twigs off my plum tree out front and put them on the grooves that were in the wooden chest. I added the pretty prima flower for a little demention and Pop!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Blog Candy Closed, Winner Chosen!!!!

Blog Candy is Closed!!! I had hubby pick a winner by drawing a name out of the hat an the winner is........

GAIL S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gail would you please email me at ibredrenee@ and i will get your package ready to mail out to you!

Thank you all for participating and for your kind comments. Also thank for sharing your favorite blogs with me too. They were fab as were your own!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Time for some Blog Candy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am offering up this cute tag recipe album as Blog Candy !!! I really have no reason for doing so, no one million views or anything spectacular like that...i just thought i would share because i care! You have until Sunday night to leave me a comment to put yourself in for a chance to win.I like the shorter waiting time too....not into long waits and wondering! I would also like you to share it on your blogs if you can so post your blog addy. And i would like you to also tell me your favorite blog to follow! I love new blogs to check out! So please leave your email addy so i can get ahold of you if you win! I will draw names on sunday night and post either sunday night or monday morning the winner! Please only one comment per person. Then i would like you to turn around 3 times jump in the air and shout HURRAY! Juuuust kidding. I know alot of blogs make you do alot of "things" in order to get their candy so im trying to make it as easy as possible! ha I appreciate those who follow my blog and those who leave comments! Thanks so much!!! And good luck!!!

Tryin out my new stamps!

I had to try out my new stamps! So i made these two cards.
The first card is a mo manning image Bella and Bronte. This image just crackes me up and makes my day! I so love it!!!! Added a few stickles and some cream ribbon with a hello tag and were good to go.

The second one is a Penny Johnson image, Looking chic...This is my "melinda" stamp, as it reminds me of Melinda and her little dog Abbey Too. And it also reminds me of little miss Bailee Rose my daughter, as she had the cutest red coat and hat, that she loved. So i had to make the coat on this one red and added some fun flocks to get the same effect as hers. I colored both images with colored pencils and OMS and their skin tones with copic markers.

These cards are already sold, i will have to make more to sell on etsy. Please stop by my etsy store , i have a few items you may be interested in! (creativepaintpaper) there is a link on the left hand sidebar.