Thursday, November 6, 2008

Just Sharing...

I thought since I named my blog creative paint and paper...and I show you lots of paper, that I would share a bit of the Paint part! ha I like to be creative in all parts of my life and I have always been frugal SOOOOO....Paint is a cheap way to get the look you want, you just have to be creative about it. I am showing pictures of my kitchen,It is an old house, the cabinates are bare wood and I hated them!! The previous owner hand made them and they arent perfectly built...BUT you make do with what you have! SO i decided I wanted a tuscan them kitchen, and found some towels at Walmart that had an olive oil bottle etc on them in the colors of olive green, terra cotta and cream. So I used those colors in my kitchen. The walls are terra cotta bagged with cream and brown to give them an aged effect. I then started painting my cabinates, which I have yet to the creamy color. I then took jell stain, in a mahogany and brushed on mostley in the cracks and edges..then took paper towel and whiped it off to get the worn effect. I also couldnt afford tile for the back splash, so I painted the 5x5 tile pattern on the walls behind the stove, sink and counter. I made grey grout! ha The tiles are in the cream and the olive green. I plan on experimenting with the stain on the tile take down the harshness of it to make it look more subdued and old and hopefully more relistic. Then I will in time add decor to match my style. I would love to find four prints of a fench fat chef....I think that would be fun. I am also building a little cart that I saw on through a country door to store my taters, onions etc in...Anyway, here are the pics so far. Not finished but giving you all the idea.

In past houses I have done alot of paint designs to suit the room or theme. I didnt have a head board on my kingsize bed and I ended up painting a picket fence/gate style headboard and highlighted and shaded to make it look realistic. I painted in wainscotting in our bathroom, right down with to the wood grain. I had found some striped aged wallpaper that i loved, but i just couldnt afford that , so I ended up painting it on my wall..and it turned out so well! So be brave and its only paint and give it a try!

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