Tuesday, November 18, 2008

File Folder Album

Here is a file folder album I made for my mother and father in law for Thanksgiving! I am going to have everyone in the family write in it, on what Mom and Dad mean to them. I thought it would be a nice gift to them. They are a very loving giving couple. Mom is taking on a houseful for Thanksgiving, My hubbys sister and husband have 5 kids...one is married. Shane and I have 4 kids, but only 3 of them will make it this time...and Then there is Shane's brother Tim. Plus I believe that Shane's sisters family is bringing and extra guest. So that is alot of work for my mother in law! She also is taking care of dad who has parkinsons. She is totally devoted to her family and dad. I being taken away from my birth mother at age 5 never really got to experience what its like to have a mother like that. To be that devoted and loving, is something I can only strive to be! She is amazing. And dad is a kind and gentle soul, totally loved by all who knew him. So it was an honor to make this for them!

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