Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving cards for family

Here are a few cards I made for my hubbys family for Thanksgiving. We head there tomorrow, so thought I would make the 'married' couples a card. I think my fav is the acorn card...i like acorns, they are so cute! The tree card was made by embossing the trees and then i chalked the background and watercolor penciled the shadow at the base of the tree. The mouse card was colored with watercolored pencils as well and blended and embossing the water and the features of the mouse. The acorn card was colored with watercolor pencils and blended. and I embossed the acorns at the base.
I think they will like them....!Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Be back on Friday night! then I will have to get busy busy on a listing or two! I HOPE!


JenRaff said...

Wow!! Your incredibly talented!! I just discovered your site today and am very impressed. Would you consider creating a few books by request so I could use them as gifts?

Renee G said...

I can probably do that for you. I usually use pay pal and take orders . I should be able to get them done in a couple weeks usually.