Saturday, May 31, 2008

Special Order Recipe Tin DONE!!

Here is my special Order Recipe Tin, The customer wanted it in burgandy, golds and greens. The picture is not doing it justice. It is making it look more orange then gold. But I think it turned out really well. I hope that Tammy will love it in her kitchen! Thanks Tammy!

Two albums listing on Sunday!


Here are the two albums I was working on this week. I used the same paper combo that I used in a special order a while back and I loved it so much I wanted to do some more albums in the same paper. I had these journaling papers that had these sayings on them and I think it really is so cool together with this paper, Makes them look so classy and antique! I love love these albums. I did a few new tricks with ribbon and think they have turned out so nice! Here are a few pics of the albums to see more you will have to check them out on Ebay, I will put the links on here tomorrow once they list!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Daddys Girl 12x12 Scrapbook Page Layout Listing tomarrow!


Here is my 12x12 scrapbook layout that I will be listing tomorrow! I think it turned out so cute, I made the little teddy bear in the corner on the first page. He has a puffy painted black nose. Done in a truffle brown and pink, great color combonation! I did some machine sewing on these pages as well. Hope it gets lots of bids, still trying to get good enough to make as much money as one lady on ebay, her layouts sell for $300-$600 dollars!!!! Can you believe it???? Bring it on! I want that! ha
Check out all my other listings on ebay as well!

New Listing!


I didnt get to terrible much done this week, just one album and I just finished a 12x12 to list on tuesday, will be posting that tomorrow for you to see, before its listed on ebay.

Back to the album Its a Best Friends album. Colorful and fun.

I sold a few of my things, sold out my two stacks of paper I had for sale. They will be heading to Bulgaria!!! First time I will be sending there. I have sent to Hong Kong a few times, and Austrailia, and England, New Zealand etc...but the first time to Bulgaria! I should of kept a world map on the wall when i first started that I could of stuck pins in to where all my work gets sent too. So I suppose this one wouldnt count since it wasnt my work , just paper! ha

But I did sell 2 albums and relisted the tins/albums but this time I am selling them separate. See if that will help. Sales have been a little slow but still have a few special orders coming in. And a lead on one again tonight . So that is good news.

Was a hot day here in Kansas . First day the pool was to be open. So the boys went down, its just 2 blocks away! (we moved here in december, so everything is new to us! ha) Came home sunburnt.....Garden is growing nicely..cannot wait until I have some fresh tomatoes and cucumbers!

Anyways thanks for checking out my new listing, be sure to check out my other items listed on ebay as well! Renee'

Saturday, May 17, 2008



Listing for Sunday the 18th, I have a nice family memories paper bag album. I think this paper is so rich looking. Love all the colors together. Lots of prima flowers , brads, inking buttons, and sewing on almost every page! check out the whole album on ebay. I will come back and list a link on here tomorrow once it is listed. OK!

I would also like to say Congratulations to my dear friend Vicky, who became a first time grandmother!! Her daughter Brittany had a precious adorable baby boy, Matthew Wesley! Brittany did a great job on him! He is to cute! Vicky is the one who got me started in paper crafting and is a stampin up demonstrator and she is a fabulous artist herself! Her blog is Check out her work! She is a busy woman!!

Was an exciting week since i last posted, my son Luke, who is 15 took a tumble and hurt his hand, so took him into the doc on monday to have an xray. The nurse practioner, said he thought it was ok, but got an urgent call the following day that he needed to come back in as the xray tech said he has 2 cracked fingers! Of course he hates the cast and it will put a damper on his summer plans of swimming every day! I am thinking of having the cast taken off in 3 weeks instead of the 6 weeks to give him a repreive! They are only cracked and the nurse practioner said it was mostly for prevention of him falling and hurting it again! ha So Think he will be ok.

I also want to put up a heads up on another blog I have subscribed to. Her Name is Faith and I think her blog is so fun and I love her work as well. Check her out. She has a great sense of humor!

Im hoping to have some sales tomorrow, my 12x12 scrapbook page layout has a bid on it so that is good. I also have a special order tin to get done. Waiting for my paper order to come in! I am in desparate need of ribbon, I live in a rural area in kansas and since we have moved here in Dec, I have had a hard time finding ribbon. The walmart close to us about 35 miles away dont have much of a selection and seem to be slowly getting rid of it. So if anyone out there has some they dont want, I would love to have it! Thanks so much! Renee'
Also up for auction I have a stack of paper and a tin full of chipboard words.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Address tin and birthday "date" album


Well I wanted to come up with a different idea for my listings this week ! So I came up with an address tin, which i have done before and it sold right away, i wanted to add an album that would go with it, and I chose to do a birthday "date"album. Where you can list everyones birthday in their designated month! I also used the pull out cards, which were three of them to put months on them so that one can put the anniversary dates in as well! It was alot of fun to make BUT alot of work!!! Nice fun springy colors!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

New 12x12 Scrapbook page layout for listing


Here is my new 12x12 scrapbook page layout for listing on ebay tomorrow. Fun colors and the embellishments and sewing gave it a great look. I added in some stamping and finished it off! This is my second attempt at a 12x12 layout, and I think im getting the hang of it. Still not as easy for me as making my paper bag albums, but I suppose that will come with time!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Sundays listings continued.....

Sold!!! before listing! yahoooo! Thanks Holly! Get well my friend!

Here is the second album I am listing on sunday! It will be good for a grandma or a mother or even a dad! Nice little album to put pictures of you kids in! Has a vintage feel with the aged tags, just like the other album im listing on sunday. I aged them with a coffee vanilla mix and baked them in the oven! Smell so good and they look old!

Sundays listings

Sold....on its way to Austrailia!

The first album im listing tomorrow, (sunday) is like an album I did awhile back. But I love this paper so wanted to make another with it and thought it turned out pretty nice! I did this one more of a vintage theme. I hope that it sells!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Special Order! DONE!!!!

Yet another Special order ALL DONE! That just leaves one album left on the special order list! I also started working on 2 new albums today and hope to have them complete alone with a page or two to list on Sunday! I made this Tin/Album Combo for my friend for her hubby, who is retired from the military. This will be fun for her to put his "memories" in and pics and the tin to put special items in for safe keeping.