Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Art Journaling for the Soul

Been going through some stressful times. So when that happens I usually just feel totally uncreative. I decided that I wanted to do something different, and while we are in this turmoil, I am going to create everyday..with inspirational words. I find my quotes on pinterest or in the Bible from favorite verses. I want to add that my main sourse of comfort, is found in Jesus Christ. He has been by my side forever...AT the age of 5 is when I learned about Jesus. And from that day on, He has been my comfort, my friend, my everything. I grew up in a horrible childhood. From being taken away from my mom and dad many times, they were both alcoholics, My brother and I were finally taken away for the last time when I was 5 and he was 6. My mother took her life soon after. I so wish she could of been in my life now. I wish I could of shown her My Jesus. But I know that had it not worked out the way it did, I would not of had this relationship with God. I later learned that my dad, knew God, he died alone in a VA hospital when I was 21. I grew up with him being 2 hours from me, never being able to see him. 
Being in a foster home, a perminate foster home, was something new for us. We found stability and "love". But best of all we found Jesus. BUT during that time I was sexually abused by my foster father for the whole 13 years that we lived there, and it was during those times that really made me rely on Jesus to get through. So I have built this personal relationship with Jesus, the only person who has never let me down, who has loved me uncondtionally. So I'm using my gift from God and doing my art to glorify Him. Maybe help or inspire or lift up someone else along the way.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

I cannot believe it!

I cannot believe that I have not posted anything on here since JULY! I dont know what I have been doing but good grief I had some things to post! So here goes to catching up!

I made up these 2 journal books our of the comp books from walmart. They were on sale so I bought up a few of the larger comp books. and these little ones looked like a fun size to work with. Only thing was they had hearts on every page with a peace sign in it....didnt realize that until AFTER I bought it AND covered it! lol  Fun little projects that dont take much time at all. They are listed in my etsy shop. 

Made up this cute garden journal for my friend Melinda! The papers are so fun and cute! I used raffia to tie it shut and it has tabs dividing the pages into sections!

Below is a little 'book' I made for my friend Melinda as well...her and I exchange "happy mail" every month and this past month I made her this little book with pockets inside with little goodies, that you can "adorn' things with like envelopes, cards etc. 

 I just used 2 paper bags and sewed them together!! 
 Here are the pockets with the goodies inside.

And here are the goodies that were inside the pockets! I cut out the tags in the first pocket, made the cute daisy like flowers in the second, found these cute printables on pinterest in pockets 3 and 4!

 The past few years have been tough on our family with job related stuff, and its getting to the point where I find myself crying alot, and praying and crying and praying for some change.  So yesterday I started doing my art journal to try and be more creative and maybe put down on paper things im thinking and help relieve some of this stress. I am going to try and keep up with it more. She looks how I felt yesterday...just a quick drawing and then water color crayons to add a bit of color to her. Saying  is...."Sometimes we expect more from others because we would be willing to do that much for them" I have to learn, that even when people are mean, or hurtful, or uncaring...that I have to just remember , they are not me. They are who they are and I cannot change them...but I can still be me and I can still be God filled and Christ like.
This second one I was scrolling through facebook/pinterest and saw a little girl wearing a  cute knitted fox hat like i drew up my version of a girl with the hat on.  Im not totally happy with it..but not everything can be perfect! You just have to go with it and let it be what it is! I used the verse from Proverbs, 31:25 "She is clothed in strength and dignity; She can laugh at the days to come.  Boy am I going to try! Say a little prayer for us...its time to move on...we just need some doors opened for us....!Ill try and be more diligent on posting! Thanks for stopping by!

OH one more thing........

My son and his wife found out the other day, they are having a baby boy!!! We should meet the little man the end of December! yeah!