Friday, December 30, 2016

special order finished

 Made this special order Christening album for a return customer. 
She wanted it to be chipboard album and the front cover to be white textured paper and lots of bling. I think I have accomplished that for her!I so love the rolled roses on the cover. 
 The pages are out of order somehow in the upload...arg. This is the page 7-8 of the album. again I brought the textured white paper through out as the photo placement areas or tag pockets

 This is page 1-2. 
 Pages 3-4 another large pocket page and a photo placement. I included places to journal by pictures. I love the pearl runners i found to add to pages. 
This is page5-6. I hope that she likes it. Now to get it packed up and mailed out in time for the occasion.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Its been awhile.....

It's been awhile since I last posted. Boxes were packed, truck was loaded , broke down in 106 degree heat...but finally made it to our destination. After living in a place that brought nothing but unhappiness we finally made the decision to get the heck out of Kansas once and for all. Kansas was not good to us, that is for sure! We made the big move back to Nebraska, the good life, which is its motto and let me tell you...that is sure the truth. After years, 9 of them, of living in a state where people are not friendly and unexcepting of you, being in Nebraska where everyone is friendly(minus my sons neighbor who likes to park his truck in the same place every day even though its public property....) it still comes at a shock to me that people will actually talk to you...who have no idea who you are... ! I think I might stand there with my mouth open, totally in shock after years of feeling like we lived in seclusion , that I am actually being talked too, and not hullucinating, or dreaming...people accept me, dont look through me...but act like we are old friends...its still shocking to me...but I love it. 
I love that I am able to see my 2 oldest boys pretty much daily, my grandsons too..Now just to get my youngest son out of Kansas and here with will be compete. 
 We have not found a place to live yet...not because we have been looking...we havent yet. We are staying with our oldest son, while my hubby who has been in law enforcement for 19 years, is recouping from all the years of stress. We have a little space set up down stairs to hang out and do our things. He playing games, me art. 
So I have started a painting, which will take me a while, they always do usually , as I go with spurts of inspiration, think its from years of depression while living in Kansas and feeling like I was slowly losing my self and almost my will to live, especially after my boys grew up and moved out. So this journal page I have done, mixed media piece, the sentiment really hits home for how I have been feeling. Im still not all the way "me" not all the way there yet..but I have good days at least. I hope that I will continue to make progress and find my way back to happiness. Moving here was a big leap back into that happiness..that is for sure.  Thanks for stopping by and not giving up on me.  Just livin the good Nebraska. 

Friday, June 17, 2016

Huge Order Finished

  This is the huge project I did for a return customer. She is going to give it to her daughter I think for graduation. This is a Three album deal! I think all said and done we will have 60 pictures/layouts. I will have  six or more to do when she gets the final pictures back this summer.The pictures are not totally in order here on the blog but they are in the albums.
 The albums themselves are done in a bohemian theme. The layouts are all done according to each dance theme. That was fun job picking out all of the papers!Before I started the album, I did feel overwhelmed. But as I got into it it became fun. Behind each picture is a pocket built in, to put in the programs.

Oliver Victor Ray first year album

 I made this 8x8 paper bag album for my son Luke of his little boy Oliver who turned one on June 14!
 I still have to get the birthday pictures in the back. I'm so happy that in just a few days my family will be moving back to Nebraska and I will get to see move of Oliver, and his older cousin Dominic. 

 Its fun to chronicle their life through the year!