Friday, May 13, 2016

Salina from Gotham..

Thought I would get in one more art journal page before I start my big scrapbook order for a customer. I need it to relax.. turned out pretty good,  close to what she looks like, bit not perfect. But its not about perfect, it's about having fun and doing my art.. Its about expressing myself, i'm doing it for me, not for the approval of others, thats why its on my art journal, not on canvas.  Now to get busy with my big order.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

How I spent mothers day.

spent mothers day, after of course dinner out in my craft room finishing up this art journal page. Had a nice hot peppermint mocha, and a smore...messy but good. The quote is good on this art piece, "she never seemed shattered; to me, she was a breathtaking mosaic of the battles she won." Matt Baker So good..

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Forgive ...

art journal page 5/5
I have a big order coming up that is going to take up alot of my time. So while im waiting for the  and supplies to get here via the mail, I thought I would spend a little time relaxing and doing some art in my art journal. I didnt like how this girl was turning out at first but I kept at it and love her in the end.  I was doing my documented life journal and was using these big stamps dipped in paint for my date, and would wipe them off on a piece of paper and liked how that looked, I used that paper on my next art journal page that I will post shortly, but decided to use the number stamp stamp on this journal page. 7 is my favorite number and when it says in the bible to forgive 70 times 7...I decided to go for 777.  To forgive is important and something I have to work on , being forgiven was easy for God to do for us...because He loves us unconditionally.  Im trying to love more, forgive more, so good journal page for me.

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Sorry I have been MIA....

 I have been up to this......paneling our bathroom with corrugated metal. How fun is that? I love it.. I found the red faucet knobs at Hobby Lobby. Cant wait for the sink to get in, waiting for the plummer to come back...its been a month....:( I want to take a bath in there, before we move....yes that is the other thing, been busy with the possibility of moving. Actually wanting to move so badly.  Anyways thats what I have been up too.

Saturday, April 9, 2016


I haven't posted in awhile..and its because life is just so hard for me. Lately I have just felt like I don't really have the energy to do much of anything...especially being creative. To lay it all out there, I have been in a struggle all my life really.  My parents were alcoholics and my brother and I were in and out of foster homes for the first 5 years of our lives. Finally being taken away for good, I was 5 he was 6. We were taken to the hospital after being left alone for days, they found us eating dry oatmeal out of a can. Both of us sick with fevers. At the hospital a local preacher told a family in the church about us. They decided we were "cute" and took us home. They became our permanent foster family. With me having a heart condition, fully adopting us would mean they would have to pay for my surgery. So this was a better deal for them. I know it all sounds cold and love less...its because it was. There were good times and bad times growing up in this family. But I would have to say the bad outweighed the good. For the 13 years I lived there I would be sexually abused by the foster father most nights. Knowing I came from an abusive past, he decided to continue that in my life. And for me back then...there was no speaking out. There was no one I could tell. Because after living through numerous foster homes, we were finally in a place we could stay, and I couldn't speak up and ruin that for my brother who was loving his life there. Life was easier for him there. He no longer had to be the protector of me...or for himself. He endured years of abuse at the hand of our mother and father. He was the one at age 5 and younger who would run down the street, blocks away to the police station when our drunk father would come and argue and fight with our drunk mother. Plus life for me was better there then where we had been so you learn to adapt. I learned to become someone else to survive. I was a completely different person at school. I thrived at school, I longed to be at school, don't get me wrong when I say I thrived at school, it doesn't me I thrived IN school. I was an average student, only was on honor roll my senior year for one semester because I had easy classes. Art being one of them. School is where I felt safe. Where I had friends who cared for me, who protected me, I didn't have that at home. To this day, my class means the world to me. Art was my outlet I was always drawing, In third grade we read a book called , "A Cricket in Time Square" I believe it was called. And while we read through that book I had been obsessed with drawing floor plans for houses. So I would take a piece of paper while the teacher read and I would draw up a floor plan of a house for the cricket we were reading about! We did mini courses each year, from making milk carton candles , leather belts, and camping in the mountains. (I grew up in Montana) I did any type of art class I could do. I was lucky in the fact that my foster mother was artistic and spent her every waking hours either sewing, quilting, painting etc. But while she did that, we usually had to do the cooking and the cleaning. She would sew us clothes and she would say , "if you want me to sew clothes for you then you are going to have to pick up the slack and get the cleaning and cooking done. Well, I really hated her sewing my clothes. I would of rather had store bought. But it was just her excuse to do what she wanted than do than work. I learned to cook from a very young age. I would lock myself in the bathroom for hours and clean . I would clean out the whole kitchen. My room was always clean and everything in its place, bed made right after getting out of bed.  It was expected. When we weren't expected to work,(which was rare as we had to clean churches, library, school,court house, all through my growing up years) I would be in my room drawing, dreaming. Art was always my go to, my escape. It still is. Except when the world gets me down sometimes..My boys are all grown and have moved away. I have my 13 year old daughter still home,which helps. More than art my kids mean the world to me. With the way I grew up a family was important to me. Having a sense of family, belonging, being apart of something real and true. They make my life complete. So when my boys grew up and moved away, my heart slowly broke, and it aches for them. I feel like i'm not whole. Someday's art helps mend my broken heart, someday's I'm a mess. I have two grandsons now as well and I long to be with them and watch them grow. We live in a community that is not very friendly to outsiders. We have lived here for 8.5 and are still considered outsiders.  We just want to move out of state to be closer to out sons and grandsons. It just seems to be taking too long to work out so we can. So I keep praying that God will work it all out for us soon. Please pray as well ,as most days I don't even want to get out of bed. Thanks for listening.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Process and Purpose

 I started with an image that I found on pinterest, of a model with long lovely hair. I used her as reference and sketched her out on my my journal page I painted with gesso first.
 Next I added a bit of texture and dimention with old hymn pages and dictionary pages and napkins.
 Next I added in some shading for depth and some skin tones.I also always like to get the eyes done as soon as I can, I find it helps me make the girls who they are to be. 😊
 The background is how I do most of my backgrounds, a technique I use to make them my own. I use a credit card to apply the paint.Several layers till it where I'm happy with it. I added in some gold to her hair .
When I stared this piece I randomly ripped out pages in the old dictionary and hymnal.  The word that stuck out to me the most on the dictionary page was imagine. One of my favorite songs is by Evanescence, My  Imaginary. If you know my story, I was a victim of childhood abuse, 13 years worth..anyways this song speaks to me in my interpretation of it as I had to go with in myself to become someone else to get through the abuse. I know that that is not her meaning.. but that is ok . Anyways I printed out the song and glued it into the background, surprisingly the words from the hymnal were peeking through the song saying "the storm my roar,my hope I cannot measure" How interesting is that? My hope is in God, my strength is from God my talent is from Him as well. I hope that I can inspire someone, can bring hope to someone through my blog and through my work.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Trying something new...

Started a course online with Danielle Donaldson, creative girl, land of light and shadows it is an online course, . I signed up for through Jeanne Oliver's blog. So far pretty fun. She uses alot of watercolor, which I have not used much of, so I'm learning something new. The first picture is of a exercise that we did the anatomy of... was fun with bottom layer of acrylics then white over in the second layer. then you go over the wing with water color to each section. Then you pick words to describe you or the theme you are going with. Fun exercise. I have it attached in my documented life journal for this year.
This was  the first exercise houses on stilts. This was a fun one, being able to be creative with your houses, will be fun to keep going with this and make numerous layouts and being really imaginative.This one we started out with a water colored base , the white is acrylic. Ill post what ever else I do.