Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Week 8 and 9 Projects in Lifebook 2013

 Week 9 was to learn how to paint over a printed image with watercolor crayons and gesso! It was so much fun!!!! Love it, and it will be fun to do this technique again and again!
Week 8 was called unstumpification Technique. Elong..gating images ! The girl on the left was the original size, and the girl on the right is done using same image, just "unstumpifying. I struggled with this one at first..i didnt have the supplies  like she had so had to be inventive! lol  But in the end i love how it turned out and love the layout.
I am so enjoying this year long class...it really makes you step outside your comfort zone and it also teaches you so so much. I am LOVING it!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Vintage Friend Tag Album!

 Yummy papers by Glitz, Pretty in Pink. Love the pink and brown combo..pretty flowers , lace and rhinestones. 

Fourteen pages front to back....picture placements and journaling tags through out! I will be listing this on Etsy soon.....let me know if you are interested! Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Weekly Planner Special Order

Here is a weekly planner I made for a customer...a lot of work and figuring on it...but the customer was pleased with it and that is what counts! It was going to fit 52 week calender pages but it was WAY TO FAT...so we decided to cut that in half and that seemed to work out a lot better. If you notice the final page has a pocket with a little note book and then the extra weekly pages tucked in behind to replace the ones used.  I didn't get pictures of all the pages they were not clear...so i just have a few to show you, but you get the idea of what they are like! I told the customer too in the end one could use it as a photo album and use the tags for journaling about the pictures! Double use!

LifeBook week 6....wow!

So I am doing this Art Class for the year....called LifeBook2013...and this is week 6 class....Called Celebration and Courage... Taught by the wonderfully talented Tamara Laporte! The idea was to celebrate you bravery from what you have been through in your life...and she taught us how to draw people using drawing techniques ! I am happy with how my girl turned out...so fun using the technique of basically using shapes for the parts then going back and smoothing things out erasing the shapes to show the figure! Then adding the clothes and so forth! The next part was to think of an animal that represents our courage/strength....I could not think of one that i really liked to represent that..the ONLY thing that came to my mind was Jesus.  I knew that behind me for my strength and courage in MY life was Jesus. So that is what i went with, you did a mask and did a spray technique and then i journaled on jesus one of my favorite verses...and I also did some journaling (that is what this class is about! journaling too!) and i think it turned out pretty good! how fun!!