Monday, January 12, 2009

Price Change!

I have come to the conclusion that i will be raising my prices on my albums, to help cover the costs it takes me to get things in , all things i use are ordered in, and to cover the time i put into each album Especially the special orders.
So starting right away the new pricing for albums will be I will be adding 3-4 dollars for now to the price of each album. Most of my recipe albums were going for $32-$35 so those will go up 3-4 dollars. Regular albums were listing $35-$37 so again they will go up 3-4 dollars.
As for Special orders, those are what really cost for now they will go up $ instead of $35.99 they will be $40.99 and up depending. Tins will be $35 alone...and tin/combos will go for $69.99 and up. Depending wht is all in it...if its an address will cost more.
I have been told by several people that i dont charge enough for my albums/tins etc. And I let it go for awhile thinking isnt that nice..but then after all is said and done...i realize that I put alot of time into my albums and alot of time searching out just the right paper for each special orders, ( i search through 5000 sheets of paper on my favorite site each time i have a special order.....) I think it is time i do raise my prices to cover my time and costs.
I am making these albums and tins etc..not only for my sanity, as i really love making them , but also for extra money to help get us by. We are a one income family of 6 and every little bit helps!

I will be back hopefully tomorrow with a finished special order!! I am so pleased with it! So will share it with you then! Thanks for stopping by! Renee'


jacque4u2c said...

I think you are making the right decision. I find it hard to put a price on my creations too, I think it is because we enjoy doing it so much, it doesn't seem like work - but I agree - if you stop and look at the bottome line, we spend more time on the little things then we realize. Good Luck! I am sure no one is going to even raise an ebrow at the price increase because your albums are so beautiful!

Anonymous said...

You will always be my favorite seller, so you can continue to count on me buying from you!