Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Internal Error.....

I was going to post the 4th album from the special order of 4 on here but keep getting a internal error when i try to upload the will try again later tonight and see if it is feeling up to "releasing" my photos then! ha Sometimes you just want to throw the dang lap top!!! Especially when your in a big hurry and things just dont go as you plan them! hmmmm You pray for patience and you think God will just hand you a little package labled "patience" but instead you find all the opportunities to GAIN patience....! How clever! This is one of those opportunities i guess! lol.

Will be starting on my other special order, this should be fun, a sisters album, im excited about it as i love the paper I found. I spend HOURS and HOURS on the web, mostly ACherryontop to find my papers...i usually search through all 5000 pieces for just the right paper...(theres some patience for you!!!) Since i have no store around to buy paper i have to do all my shopping online..and sometimes that is hard! Especially when you look for certain colors! YIKES>

So sent off the 4 albums today that i just finished, and now will start the sisters, and I also gained another special order as well! So that is good! Will be back later i hope with the pics from the last album!

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