Thursday, December 18, 2008


I finished the special order and its ready to mail off to England! I did 2 albums for a return customer, for her family memories! She wanted them like a couple of the albums like i had made previously. Same colors. So I think they turned out pretty well and think she will be pleased! Good idea to have an album for every year to put in special memories and pictures. I have an album that sits on a shelf in the living room that I keep handy to write down special stories that my little girl Bailee Rose comes up with!
EXAMPLE...After her and i made a trip down town, we got home, came in the back door, her first, but some how had gotten behind me as i was closing the door, she was also trying to close the door...but her pinky got caught in the process and pinched! I was so so sorry and tried to make it up to her, by taking good care of her and her pinky. Or as she called it...tiny. (apparently her fingers have names....) Anyways she was playing it for all it was worth, and i was going along with it....(mothers guilt) and i said, im so sorry i hurt "tiny" as i was kissing it...and she said, holding up the rest of her fingers....wiggling them....said.."then tell the rest of the family sorry too....(meaning the rest of the fingers....) ha hahahahahah Of course you KNOW I made my apologies to the "rest of the family"! ha
Which leads me to the "milk dud story"...(your gunna love this!) ha Miss B as we like to call her, she is 5 and has 3 older brothers if you dont already know that...18, 15 and 13. Anyways, she is sitting downstairs with the youngest brother, Blaine...watching tv, and she has her candy, milk duds. Now Bailee , being the nice little girl she is, decided that she would "share" her milk duds with her dear brother Blaine. "Blainie" (as she calls him) "would you like a milk dud?" Blaine, ingulfed in the program didnt look up but just said , sure...and held out his hand.. and popped a milk dud in his mouth....and it was good! a few minutes later...she asked her brother again if he would like another one? And he said yes....but this time, he looked up....well miss beans , another name we call her....had been keeping the milk duds in her "pocket". Thats not strange you say....BUT the thing is..she didnt have a pocket ! She was keeping them in her underware! ha hahahahah.....Blaine about died.....! hahaha OH we love that story....Blaine...not so much! So we dont usually take candy from Miss Beans ! Lesson learned! ha
PS...we did teach her that her underware were NOT a good place to store things! ha OH my. Dont you just love kids! hahaha

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jacque4u2c said...

Your work never ceases to amaze me. JUST BEAUTIFUL! I love the kiddo stories. My daughter is now 8, but I have so many "Kate Bug" stories.