Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Recipe Album Frenzy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SOLD!!!! (both)

It has been a recipe album frenzy on ebay for me! WOW! I had put some on and they sold, made one up frantically and put it on about 3am....and when i got up it had already sold! So i stayed up again last night and made 2 more, finishing up this afternoon and just listed these two! On top of these I have 4 albums and a file folder album in special orders in the works as well...one of which ....is a RECIPE album! ha SO why am i sitting here and not in the craft room making these!? Well i have to post them to my blog!!!!!! I will post the front covers only and then if you want to see the rest of them you can go to ebay and see them. I will have the links below! Thanks for stopping by!!!
Moms Diner.....HERE
Lets Eat!!......HERE

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