Monday, January 7, 2013

Life Book 2013 Lesson 1 and warm up....

I was Blessed with a invite to the LifeBook 2013 this year and we had our first lesson last week! The warm up exercise was to do a Fairy Art Mother or Father. On these we are to write positive answers to our doubts we have during our LifeBook classes to allow us to let go and just create! it was fun. I bought some faber-castell watercolor crayons to do this exercise as that is what Tam used! i love them. I do want to get the Neo Colors at some point for a varity of more colors. 
The first actual exercise was to do a Blessings and Goals page. We were to use ourselves in the pic so i had fun with it like Tam did. I had Bailee take a pic of me being goofy like i was driving a car...notice how my hair blows in the breeze! LOL  I pretty much stuck with how Tam did her's since it was the first lesson and i can become braver and find my own idea as we progress. I didnt want the stress of trying to come up with something or wondering if it was good enough! So i just went with what Tam taught. As did most. 
Tonight is another new lesson so im off to see what is in store for me tonight. we have a varity of teachers throughout the whole year so it will be fun to learn new techiques and styles!

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