Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Being Brave....Journaling Page

The terrifically talented Tamera LaPorte did a journal this past week on Being Brave. About dealing with your feelings and moving forward.  You can find her blog HERE where she gives step by stop details on how do do your own page!  So I gave it a go as this past week and weekend have been a rough one for me and I needed to let go of some of the load i was feeling... You start out with putting gesso on your page and letting that dry to prepare it for paint. Now Tam used different supplies then i did, I do not have the items she  used so I made do with what I had.  My page was painted with acrylics, and i used a variety of techniques to get the effect. I used an old credit card as did Tam, i used my brayer, paint brush and a lid . I scratched in the paint with the end of my paint brush  too.  BUT before you paint you journal on the page about what you feeling, thoughts whatever and don't be afraid to write it all out as it gets pretty much covered up with the paint, it is cool to have some of it show through the background cant see mine as much as you could Tams.  Anyways, then you start doing the painting effects.  Let it dry then start your drawing, it doesn't have to be anyone it just have to be what it ends up being so just draw! Tam gives you good directions on doing that on her blog.  Shade , shade, shade...and then high light with some paint pen or marker, or just paint! Then write some words of what your feeling or needing or wanting to put out there.  Acceptance was my main word. Being accepted for who you are is a biggie for me. Showing compassion, and care and love , just accepting and loving. For the last five years I have felt such loneliness and non acceptance,  that I have never felt before....but even still if we don't gain it for ourselves, we can still give it to others. To finish...  She pasted a picture of herself at the top of the page so I added one on my page of myself. The printer was running out of ink and so that is the effect I got from it but it surprisingly fit the page. I love this technique of journaling and writing over the will know when you look at the page what you will be meaningful to you and that is what matters. This exercise was big time for me. I loved it...and more of this technique will be coming from my craft room into my journal.  Give it a try......

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