Monday, January 14, 2013

Fly Away Home, Journal Page

My Fly Away Home Art Journal Page!
I had fun coming up with this image and with this page. I find so much joy in creating these journal pages, so relaxing and fun to see what you come up with each time. How it starts out and then how it ends, at some point in the middle you wonder if it will work out at all and your about to scrap it! lol I like my crazy looking bird its so darn cute! I was inspired when my daughter bailee was wearing her brothers hat the other night, so cute on her, with the i decided to draw this girl up with that same style hat! I think i will create more scenarios with this girl maybe in different hats! lol 
Thanks for stopping by...remember the montly planner i posted before this  post is still available for purchase if you cant find it on ebay, email me at ibredrenee@ if you are interested!


Deborah said...

I love this little girlie, Renee! She has such a cute face I think she would look great in whichever style of hat you choose to put her in hehe!

Renee G said...

thank you Deborah....I am anxious to make more, working on a couple other the moment, will post one in a few....and i did a pay it forward thing on facebook, and have been making some mixed media canvas' to give away to the lucky cant wait to get them done and sent out!