Monday, October 24, 2011

Wall Pockets

I found this Wall Pocket/Magazine rack, what ever you want to call it ! It hangs on the wall and has 2 pockets! lol It was a brown wood color...and so i was going to paint it, but i am so into 'inchies' i thought i would just cover it that way! And i LOVE it. Bailee helped me put the pieces on. She had fun with that! I also added a bit of white paint on the edges to cover where the wood might of peeked through but to also give it an aged look. I love it! A bit of Shabby Chic! I then had miss Bailee load it up with my flower packets and my rolls of fabric! easier access! LOVE LOVE LOVE when you find things at the thrift store and you can make them into something fab. It was 2 dollars! And its heavy! So i think it was a great buy!

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