Monday, October 10, 2011

Teddy Bo Challenge, Favorite Colour....

I am adding this card to the TeddyBo challenge Blog, the challenge is to use your favorite colour! (im writing it that way cuz they do.....they from the UK! ) Anyways, I love the colors of fall...even though my real favorite color is just cant do purple all the time. I so LOVE fall and all the colors that come with it. Plus being a redhead, they are MY colors! So here it is, my teddy bo image, colored to match the paper, with the rusts, yellows and oranges. And a splash of tourquise! Off to post on the teddybo blog, if i win, i could get 10 free digital images! sweet!


Padster said...

Fabby card - I have a different colour depending what mood I'm in so anything is fine with me lol!
Thanks for sharing with us at Teddy Bo
Debbie xx

Rosietoes said...

Renee this is just lovely. My favourite season is autumn and the colours associated with it.
Love your colouring too.

~Thank you for joining us at Teddybo.

Edna x

FairyD said...

OMG Renee........have you got Teddyboitis!!?!?!?!??!?! Fabulous are ALLLLLL your cards/albums!!!!

Did you get my email!??!

Teddy Bo & Co x

Renee G said...

Thank you Gayle, well i so love them!!!You may have to show me the nearest TeddyBo Rehab, but im not ready to admit i have a problem LOL Yes i did get your email and i will email you later today! thanks so much!

Renee G said...

oh and thank you rosietoes for your kind comment! Fall IS Fab!

Clairebears said...

WOOOO HOOOO this is totally gorgeous! I really love those colours together and you colouring or should I say coloring :0)

Thanks for playing along with Teddy Bo's challenge.

Love Clairebears x

Kathy said...

Gorgeous card!!! Love all the pretty colors and this image has to be one of my favorites!!! So pretty!!!! How can you not love fall!!!!
Thanks so much for playing along with us Renee!

Renee G said...

thankyou kathy!

Renee G said...

thank you clairebears! lol I do like how you write is more fancy they color!

Jill said...

Wow Renee, what a beautiful card! Fabulous colours and great design. And I did not know about the colours/colors, since I am Norwegian, I just use it like the rest of the girls! lol
Thanks for teaching me!
I just looked around in your blog and I must say your work is really, realy beautiful! I just love your albums!
So yummy :)
Thanks for joining us at Teddy Bo this time, looking forward to see some more of your work!
Hugs, Jill

Renee G said...

Thank you Jill for all you kind words!My nationality is Norwegian! I am proud of my heritage and would love to one day visit Norway. Both my parents were Norwegian.
As for the Colour/color I think more people in Europe use that spelling for color, i know i have a friend in New Zealand as well that spells it Colour!
I totally love your blog, the winter scene is fabulous...makes me long for norway even more! Thanks for sharing!

Renee G said...
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Renee G said...
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