Friday, March 5, 2010

Cute Recipe Card Tin!

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I just finished this cute recipe card tin! I think it is so darn cute. I ordered these tins thinking they were the bigger ones i normally get....but when the box came , i knew just by looking at the box size that they were NOT like what i normally get! So i had 4 of these side to figure out what to do with....wellllll its really not that big a deal, and now i absolutly LOVE this size!!!!! They are approx. 2x4x5.
I covered it with cute October Afternoon papers and a few vintage items, with a splash of red check ribbons as well. I hand stamped up 24 recipe cards to put inside the tin, which is also covered with Oct Afternoon papers with a cute farm scene and print. The 24 cards were topped with matching papers in a scalloped design. I had a blast making this and i have other ideas for the other 3~ sometimes mistakes turn out to be treasures! yeah!
I will be listing this to etsy if you are interested in it! thanks!

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