Wednesday, March 10, 2010

6x6 Magnolia Card

I had a hard time with my "mojo" tonight...jeesh. I had to color like 3 images and decide none of them was working for me on this card.....finally settled with this blueberry girl! ha

I guess we all go through those days when we have a slump. Today didnt start out

well for me anyways......getting my new cell phone bill after switching over

to a new company, where we were to save money

get the bill and its almost $400.oo for the first bill! Almost had to use my

son asthma inhailer and i dont have asthma! All these connection

fees and a month and a halfs bill is what it all came down

too. But we were NOT informed of it when we signed it came as a bit

of a shocker! So maybe that is what threw me off today!

I am going to list this 6x6 Magnolia Card on Etsy. I love this cute little blueberry girl! I used my K & Company paper again ! I love that paper.

I added some prima flowers and some of those cute roses in the centers.

I embossed the scalloped half circle, and then added some ink to the edges and some rhinestones to the scallops!

Machine stitched on the card inside paper and outside as well.

Thanks for stopping by!


Anne Fannie said...

I love your sweet card! It came out really nice. I can relate about your cell phone bill. My husband and I took a cruise down through the Panama Canal, I was told I could use my phone and it was covered under a flat fee for calls from another country (which I set up right before we left), however they didn't tell me that when we passed by mexico it wasn't covered, so when I got my $700 phone bill I almost had a heart attack! LOL I hate it when they don't tell you "everything".

jude said...

The card came out beautiful.sorry to hear about your cell phone,i think these days companies so fast to get buisness that half the time they forget to tell customers things .No wonder you had no mojo.I havent much at the moment my daughter is being bullied at school and it's just stress i can do without anyways thats another topic.Take care chin up sending big hugs ((()))) shame the hugs dont help to pay the bill!!lol
love n hugs judex:)

Renee G said...

thanks jude thanks ann for the kind compliments!