Thursday, October 23, 2008

Sundays Listing!!!

Here is the album that i have finished to list on Sunday! I think i must be on a vintage roll, last weeks albums was also vintage! But I had recieved this paper from a good friend in the mail last week and I decided i wanted to use it, as I LOVE IT! So I thought i would do an OUR STORY album. I did alot of stamping in this album and I added clear embossing powder to some of the stamped images to give them a little depth. I love this album and I think it will sell right away.

I used some of my aged tags . I am going to have to bake some more as I am really short on them .**** I make them by mixing up some instant coffee to a small amount of water and I add a few tsp of vanilla extract, sometimes i add cinnamon too! I dip the tags in the mixture and then I place them on a cookie sheet I have heating up in the oven at 500 degrees! I bake them until they dry out and then I turn them over and bake a while longer. ***
FUNNY STORY>>>>>I have a good friend in France who asked me how to make these tags a while back and I gave her these directions and she sent me an email the following day and said, "Renee' What the heck....I about burned down my kichen making these tags, what did I do wrong!?" ha ha...I have never had that trouble! She said the tags caught fire and then she opened the oven and they were ashes flying out! ha ha....oh horrible, yet funny! Id say dont bake them THAT long! ha

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Tori Wild said...

wow-- that was a lot of work and looks fantastic!!