Saturday, October 11, 2008

2 New cards I have made!

Well I have a very nice friend, her name is Melinda, and you might recognize this name from the showing of special orders. She has been a super supporter of my work! Anywhoooo...she wanted to know if i would want some of her stamps to come and visit me! I said, "how about you just stamp some images on some paper and let me mess with them that way for now?" So she did!!!! So i have been having a fun time "coloring" and messing with my clear and rainbow embossing powder...i think im addicted and may border on embossing OVERKILL! haha but i dont care...I LIKE SHINEY!!! ha Both cards are colored with watercolor pencils and then blended with a versamark marker! LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!

So it was a rainy day and im still pretty much laid up with my broken tail bone and who knows what else as I fell down the basement stairs about a week ago! (got xrays on thursday and still am waiting for the tech and doc to read them and call me with the crazy is that!) So I thought i would doodle a bit more on cards and used the stamped images my dear friend Melinda sent me!

The first card I did I will be sending to my friend Holly in France...close your eyes Holly as to not ruin the suprise! I would like everyone to say a prayer for Holly as she is suffering from COPD and needs our prayers for healing and strength! So I wanted to send her a card to cheer her up before she heads to the border of France and Spain to a clinic where they will help her gain some strength! Luv you Holly, chin up and stay strong!

The second card I just doodled around and came up with and I LOVE IT! It was so fun to play around with no hurry or worry and just create! Its getting into fall and thought this was appropriate for the time !! Again, if you will notice....clear embossing powder...(special shout out to Althea, my banker and owner of a little scrap shop here in town, who introduce me to CLEAR embossing powder....thanks althea! ha)
I also finished up a special order for a customer in Canada and i forgot to take pics of it before i packaged it up to mail!!!! Silly me!!!!!
I am working on a suprise for one of my friends and I will start on Holly's order of 2 Name Frames and a larger album for her!
Hope your all having a great weekend, be back soon with more!

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