Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Lifebook 2013 Week 30

Here is my version of week 30 in the Lifebook 2013 class. we had to do a back ground of papers or paint etc...and then use ink or as i did used watered down create lines and on those lines you write all your worries. You just free write not worrying about what your saying, about puntuation etc...just let it flow. Then you take your image , i chose these dress forms and place over the background. Then paint over the top of them with a darker color to hide your writings, leaving some to come through on the dress forms.  Then you take a baby wipe...or just a damp cloth and using a stencil  rub off some of those shapes in the stencil. i then took another stencil i had and using white added it over that here and there. Using a white pen go around the forms in a sketchy kind of manner...(i am ocd so its hard to do it "sketchy" lol) and i drew in some dresses...i was thinking to leave it as dress forms but the exercise was to make a dress with the worries on it....I could of filled in the whole back ground with all my worries....!

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