Monday, July 8, 2013

Lifebook 2013 Lesson 27

I have been picking and choosing my lessons in life book. Some for  their lessons , maybe not something that clicks with me or that goes against what I believe.  And some because i really dont have all the supplies in order to do the lesson to my liking. 
This lesson was interesting, picking 5 aspects that you are happy with , in yourself, 5 your not...and then 5 hopes and dreams. Then taking a look at the ones you dont like in yourself, but not using them to beat yourself up with, but to take them apart and find the feelings behind was really good to do that. 
The waves are the good and the bad aspects and the sails have my hopes and dreams. I did mine to suit me, and i like how it turned out. The waves are not my favorite, but its not suppose to be realistic...more I accept that! lol
Glad to be in my craft room when its 103 outside...thanking God that we have air conditioning...! Keep cool! 

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