Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Colorful Bird Painting

I started this canvas (six watercolor papers put stuck together) a while back the back gound that is....and i was waiting for something to speak to me in it....and nothing did...so i put it away for a while and waited till i could find something to inspire me. I follow Allen Designs page on facebook and I totally love her art work! She did a piece of art with this same type bird and I thought, that is it...i want to try that bird in that back ground, it is no where as good as her bird (im not that good with birds...) but its same idea, I added the crown to make it more my own and add a little more whimsy. This piece is about 24x27 in size so its big! I need to find a frame for it...want to hang it up somewhere in my house! Cant wait to do another canvas now...!

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