Thursday, May 31, 2012

D'arcy's Diaries Challenge Card!

Our challenge this time was to choose from  one of the color combos. I chose the lilac an the tourqoise.
Second was to pick a theme from the list. Mine is Thankyou.
Thirdly was ribbon, lace or string....i did lace with a touch of ribbon.
The final was 2 side...i chose, gems with the tiny purple gems on the centers of the lace flowers and i used a gellyroll pen for my glittery accent on the wings an i added one more...a charm with the metal thanks...but i figured that didnt really count with it beng the theme...! lol
Go and check out what all the other girls came up with!! And check out the new images!!!

Lilac/Tourq color pick
Thank you Theme
Lace and a bow
my 2 sides are purple jems in the lace centers, and a metal charm by making memories and i did add some gellyroll clear star glittler pen to the wings....

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