Sunday, January 24, 2010

Birthday Card

I spent the day at my friends scrapbook store, getting ready for our 'bag and a tag' class coming up next month. We worked on the layouts and got things all the way we want them and next step will be the cutting and preparing of the kits!! Should be fun. I did enjoy the time spent creating with someone other then myself! lol.

So I came home still feeling creative...ok i feel that way all the time and pretty much live in my craft room when ever i can get my 'duties' done you will find me in there! If i could find someone to cook and clean ,etc for me, i would just stay in there all day long. There never is enough time in a day to be in there! I have seriously thought of putting a day bed in there as well! LOL

This is the card i whipped up. While I was at Altheas she was showing me this snow glitter, you paint on and it dries fairly fast. Anyways i was excited about it and bought some and came home and made this card. I painted a bit on the ground and the snow flakes have each been dotted with some too. I colored the card with colored pencils and OMS added fuzz to her hat and boots and added a little bit of demention to her hate, scarf and pockets. I love these pure innocense stamp adorable! I will be mailing this off to my neice on a week late...but better late then never right???????

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