Tuesday, February 24, 2009

New cards for tuesday night listing.......

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Well i have made up a few more card for tuesday nights listing on ebay. I HOPE! I got an email that Auctiva, whom i list through, is having a bit of trouble with Malware and they have shut it down to work onit. SO Im hoping by the time i want to list them AND 2 recipe albums, which i will show you tomorrow , that they will have it up and running!

I received these cute cards from a dear friend a while back and i have decided to give them a go! So I made 2 cards with the peek a book front...one with a dog, one with a frog. (hey that rhymes...Im dr suess) Anyways I like how they came out and they are whimsical and fun. I made this the best of times, birthday card with a "borrowed" stamp...and I lOVE this stamp. So fab. I love things vintage if you know me, you already know that! So it was fun working with different color inks on that one. And the flannel shirt paper and plaid was the way to go with this image i think! I did another card with the sarah kaye stamp i have , i recieved another one in the mail today so I will be having some fun with her, when i get caught up on my orders! Anyways Thanks for stopping by. So fingers crossed Auctiva will be up and running tomorrow! Thanks for stopping by!

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