Sunday, June 22, 2008



Here is a recipe album I am listing today! Again , another slow week in sales, why does it have to be summer?????ha Anyways I LOVE LOVE this album, its so fun and cute. I saw a cute cute card on site and I decided since I didnt have a stamp like that, that I would just draw up a cupcake and cut it out of chipboard and paper piece it and put it on the front of the album. I used beads and glitter to make the fancy frosting and spinkles! There are 15 recipe cards and 9 tags and 2 pull out pages. Will be a fun album to fill out! You can click on the link below to enter your bid on ebay! There you can see all the pages as well, as I only put a few of them on here!

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Vicky said...

Love this paper!!!