Sunday, June 8, 2008

new 12x12 for listing and items for sale....

Relisted on Etsy (under creativepaintpaper)

Here is a new 12 x 12 that I am listing tonight. Sales have been slow on ebay so I have a few things that are still for sale. IF you see them on my blog and they dont say sold if you are interested besure to contact me at and I will be glad to sell them to you. I relisted the green/brown set of albums and the vintage best friends album. The tins and their matching albums have not been relisted and I have them still for sale so if you are interested in those let me know. I will sell the set for $69.99 for the recipe tin/album set. I will sell the address tin/birthday datebook album for $75.99, you can find both of these items in my postings below. I also have the daddys girl 12x12 pages as well and will sell those for $12.99 for the set. Plus shipping on each. Thanks so much!

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Vicky said...

Love the colors on the tin/album sets! So cute!!