Sunday, May 15, 2011

Birthday Gift

I have been taking a course online, called Soul Restoration with Melody Ross. It has been so amazing and healing for me. We do Journaling, and art projects to get on with dealing with the hurts and devistations in our lives. To promote healing and knowing that your not alone. I was also gifted with a class coming up on the 24th i believe, called She had 3 hearts. Another journaling/Art online course. This one taught by Christy Tomlinson. Thus brings us to this peice of art. I was inspired by her techniques, and used them to produce this peice for my dear sweet friend Melinda. She is a blessing in my life and a true dear friend. I wanted to depict that in the theme of it and i think it turned out well. (I know she is pleased, i waited to post after she received it!) I hope to be doing more things like this with the mixed media techniques.

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