Sunday, May 22, 2011

12x9 Watercolor Mixed media Butterfly Plaque

I have been doing my Sould REstoration and it has come to and end, BUT i was gifted with Soul Restoration by a lady i met through SR1! So i will be starting that The first week in June. BUT before that I will be starting She had 3 hearts Art Journaling Course starting Tomorrow! The lady that teaches this course taught a class called She Art. I never got to take that course, but i have been able to see some of the ladies go through it and i have learned some techiques through watching. So I made up this plaque, that i will be listing on etsy for $19.99. I started out with watercolor paper, Stamped my image of a butterfly, and watercolored it, in the yellows, oranges and browns. The background i wet, with water, then watercolored with blue, and then i sprinkled salt all over the blue and left it to dry. Which gave it the effect. I then rubbed off the salt, painted grass with same technique by wetting the paper, then painting in the green, letting the green bleed into the blue. A natural effect for grass. I then tore up tissue papers, one just green, one green with little glitter dots. modpodged them on. I covered chipboard flowers with scrapbook paper scraps. Added rub ons, paint effects, and doodles. Theme of spread your wings and fly! I added scrapbooking paper on the edges with writing, and i LOVE it. I had fun making it, and i hope that it sells!(even though i hate to get rid of it! lol) Thanks for stopping by! I will be back with an album i made this past week as well.

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