Sunday, July 12, 2009

What Would Mom Do Altered Tin

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Well i got a bright idea on a tin! LOL. I thought its getting close to kids going off to college...about a month away...SO i thought how about a tin, to send off with your daughter on her new adventure. I would work for a shower gift for her too...or what ever you can think of! Anyways it says, "what would my mom do" and the tag on the side says " Box of love and advice" I made 4 divider cards , Words of advice, words of love, and emergency funds,(coupons, cash, gift certificates) recipes. I think it will be fun to write some letters of advice and words of encouragement to send off with your daughter. AS for the emergency funds, to have a few gift certificates, coupons, and a little emergency cash. Also the Recipe section, things you can make quick in a microwave or hot pot or in a pinch if some guests show up ! Use your imagination i say! Have fun with it!


chelemom said...

This is simply adorable!

jacque4u2c said...

Just beautiful!