Monday, July 13, 2009

Another Tin to share today! Thankful/Fall

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I had so much fun making the what would mother do tin , so i decided to keep it going and make a fall/thankful tin! I LOVE THIS TIN!!!!! I love all the embellishments! I think with all the heat of the summer we have been having, i think im looking forward to the fall!!!!!!!! Not of course until my tomatos ripen and i get my fill of cucumbers and beets and green beans and strawberries and.......need i say more! lol!

Back to the Tin. I have made 3 dividers , photos, recipe, and im thankful for...there are 6 matching recipe cards to go alone with the recipe section! Ill be back to place the listing addy on here when i list it tomorrow on ebay! Thanks for stopping by!

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Rach said...

wow an awesome altered tin. hugs rachxx