Thursday, July 30, 2009

50th Anniversary Tin and Card.

This weekend we will be heading to Nebraska, a 5 or so hour drive for us from here in Kansas to my hubbys mother and fathers for their 50th Wedding Anniversary.
I have decided to make this tin so that they can put the pictures from the occasion and the cards they receive all in one place. I didnt want to do an all Gold tin, because i wanted her to be able to display it for years to come and so i did the tin in the colors of her living room.
I decided to make their Anniversary card to match and used up the scraps of the paper i used on the tin.
I had to ink the prima flowers on the tin to match the colors a bit better and age them up a bit. I like the look of them and the cute little pearl adhesives in the centers. All in all i think it turned out so nice, not to busy just simple and nice.
So its time to pack some bags and head for Nebraska to help celebrate with the folks! Shane's folks are pretty much the people who i consider my parents as well. I was taken from my birth mother at father at age 5, both of them died when i was young. I was put into foster care until i was 18. I do not consider the foster parents my they didnt know how to parent. So when i married Shane and gained his parents it was the first time in my life that i got to experiance the love of a parent and i appreciate them so much. So it was a pleasure to do this for them! Thanks for stopping by.

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Michelle (sf9erfan) said...

What a lovely set! I love the rich papers you chose and all the lovely primas!!