Sunday, September 21, 2008

Top Ten....Albums for tomorrows listing!

I received some library cards and pockets from a good customer/friend of mine last week, (thanks melinda!!) So i had to come up with someway to use them, well they were to big for my albums so i had to make them "my size"! And these 2 albums are what i came up with! One is 10 things I love about you, toghter we have it all! Each page is for a pic and there are tags for every pic to journal on! The other is a My top ten moments...again a page for each moment and a tag for each to journal on! So fun.

Well im still working on my special orders and they keep coming in! So im a bit frazzled but using it! I am also going to try out for a design team, for a stamp company, so cross your fingers. If i dont get it, it will be a bit dissapointing BUT i am new to card making so then it just gives me more time to practice and ready to try again in 3 months when they will do it all again!

I will probably be posting again tomorrow night and will be showing the second half of Melinda's special order. It will be a Christmas tin and album set! The paper is so fab, its Mary Englebreit, one of my favorite artists! So it was a blast working with the paper. So tune in tomorrow!!

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