Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Special Order , Off to France!

I had another special order come in from my dear friend Holly, who lives in France! Thank Holly!!! She wanted me to make a BIGGER album then i usually make! So I went to the grocery store to ask them if I could have or buy a couple of there bags, but they only had the gigantic ones, so then off to the hardware store! They had some! So I begged off a few bags from them , offering to pay for them but they wouldnt have it! So I was set! I love this paper in this really quality paper and nice color combos! The front has Joyeux Anniversaire, meaning Happy Birthday! Holly wanted a place on the front to put a special picture of her neice, who will be turning 20~! So that is what the space if for on the front. I also did a little different treatment with the ribbon, and i really like it! More like a book! Lots of room for pictures and journaling. I still like making my smaller 5x5 albums, (this is a 6x7) better as its more economical for paper!

I have a load of special orders to get done, so will get off and get movin on them!

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