Saturday, May 31, 2008

Special Order Recipe Tin DONE!!

Here is my special Order Recipe Tin, The customer wanted it in burgandy, golds and greens. The picture is not doing it justice. It is making it look more orange then gold. But I think it turned out really well. I hope that Tammy will love it in her kitchen! Thanks Tammy!


Vicky said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE this recipe tin Renee, think it;s the best so far!! Well Done!

Anonymous said...

Tammie does love it!! It looks fabulous, Renee'! I can't wait to receive the shipment and put the tin to use in my kitchen. Thanks again!


Renee G said...

Thanks Vicky for your kind words, of course you are my "teacher" So i learned from the best!

Tammie, Im so glad you love it, and I will be mailing it to you tomorrow!!! ENJOY! Let me know if you want any other special orders done!! Renee'