Friday, May 2, 2008

Special Order! DONE!!!!

Yet another Special order ALL DONE! That just leaves one album left on the special order list! I also started working on 2 new albums today and hope to have them complete alone with a page or two to list on Sunday! I made this Tin/Album Combo for my friend for her hubby, who is retired from the military. This will be fun for her to put his "memories" in and pics and the tin to put special items in for safe keeping.


Donna said...

Renee, I got my tin and album today and I love love love it. These pictures do not do it justice. You have definatly outdone yourself. Brad loves it too. Cant wait to get all Brads stuff put in it, will prolly need another one as I will fill this one in no time. Thank you so much for working so hard on it and making it special. You are the best.

Love ya, Donna

Renee said...

your welcome my friend!!! Have fun getting the stuff in it and let me know when you need another one!