Monday, May 26, 2008

New Listing!


I didnt get to terrible much done this week, just one album and I just finished a 12x12 to list on tuesday, will be posting that tomorrow for you to see, before its listed on ebay.

Back to the album Its a Best Friends album. Colorful and fun.

I sold a few of my things, sold out my two stacks of paper I had for sale. They will be heading to Bulgaria!!! First time I will be sending there. I have sent to Hong Kong a few times, and Austrailia, and England, New Zealand etc...but the first time to Bulgaria! I should of kept a world map on the wall when i first started that I could of stuck pins in to where all my work gets sent too. So I suppose this one wouldnt count since it wasnt my work , just paper! ha

But I did sell 2 albums and relisted the tins/albums but this time I am selling them separate. See if that will help. Sales have been a little slow but still have a few special orders coming in. And a lead on one again tonight . So that is good news.

Was a hot day here in Kansas . First day the pool was to be open. So the boys went down, its just 2 blocks away! (we moved here in december, so everything is new to us! ha) Came home sunburnt.....Garden is growing nicely..cannot wait until I have some fresh tomatoes and cucumbers!

Anyways thanks for checking out my new listing, be sure to check out my other items listed on ebay as well! Renee'

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